Shortly after the inauguration of the administration of Senator Ibikunle Amosun on 29th of May, 2011, Mrs. Amosun put on her thinking cap to explore ways by which she could assist her husband in his new role and Mission to Rebuild Ogun State. The task came with lots of challenges, but Mrs. Amosun had resolved to forge ahead.
She started by carrying out different surveys, she held series of meetings and agreed to an avalanche of courtesy visits from different associations, corporate bodies, private individuals other prominent people in the State to deliberate on how best to move the state forward. 

The chain of survey activities preoccupied her for the initial few months of the administration, but gave her thorough understanding of the dynamics in the state, which served as a foundation for her to proceed upon.People’s needs are varied, desires differ, necessities are endless and resources are scarce. This is why, from the onset Mrs. Amosun made it abundantly clear,that she would not impose a pet project on the people of Ogun State, but would adapt the functions of her Uplift Development Foundation to suit the needs of the people.

She has given equal opportunity to the downtrodden, identified with needy, given them a sense of belonging and provided them with succour.In the last one year as the Founder,Uplift Development Foundation, Mrs. Amosun had reached out to all the 20 Local Government Areas of Ogun State and has demonstrated her capacity and capability as a good wife and a mother with empathy to help the needy, offering them a helping hand where ever possible. Her contribution towards the Mission to Rebuild Ogun State has also been tremendously appreciated so far, and this has earned her an accolade of awards.

Our Vision

Poverty alleviation through economic empowerment, skill acquisition and marketable gifts.

Our Mission

Supporting vulnerable people like the Aged Widows,Unemployed, Orphans and Women.

Our Core Values

Understanding People's Limiting and Inhibiting factors today and intervening through any means possible by providing basic amenities to make people self sufficient.